Can I share my user login with other people?


It violates our terms and conditions, and it poses a security risk for your account and the overall platform. If our security system finds someone violating this aspect or any aspect of our terms and conditions, the account(s) violating this policy can and will be terminated without notice and without refund, as explained in the terms of use.


We understand it is tempting to share to avoid costs. Please do not fall into this temptation. Here are some quick reminders as to why it's essential to sign up each individual user that will be logging in: 

  • Each plan type becomes lower in cost as you add more users. There is a toggle option (two arrows) on each box on our pricing page where you can choose how many users you would like to sign up. 
  • You can use the code BEWE30 as a group to further lower the cost. That way everyone in your group can login whenever they would like, safely and securely, and without violating the terms and conditions of this website.
  • We've recently lowered our costs for each plan as we want to make sure this is accessible to as many people as possible. People have encouraged us to charge way more, though we understand what it means to be on a tight budget (we are too), and want to strive to keep this affordable for as long as we can. 
  • We are a small nonprofit organization eager to create more content and support more educators. Without funding, we cannot sustain and grow this platform for you and other educators around the world. Every bit of funding that you contribute is directly used to continue growing this platform and this movement. Think of us as your Global SEL research and development team?

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