Bookmark Stories & Create Playlists

WE are the guides of our lifelong learning journeys.


Create your own learning journey as you bookmark stories in the playlists you design! 

  • Login to your account.
  • Choose any story from or the search bar. 
  • Under the title, you will see a button to bookmark the story.
  • Click this button, and choose a category to save the story in. Fractions unit? Country theme? A specific SEL goal? A specific series of stories you think will be perfect for your group? 
  • You have now created a playlist for you to come back to anytime. 
  • In "Account" in the header of the website, you can access your bookmarks at any time you would like!

You can make these in any way you would like. By math topic, a global topic, an SEL theme, and more! 

We're here alongside you on this lifelong learning journey. Let's love learning for life.

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