How does this content align with standards?

Short Version: 

Our content is designed in an inter-disciplinary way, and is aligned with many academic, social, emotional, and global standards. Read more on this in our Standards Alignment report here. Here is a story example to see this for yourself!

We're striving to make this content adaptive so that it can work in both cross-disciplinary exploration of subjects as well as silo-ed exploration of subjects. 

That's to say we are making an effort to create lesson plans that give teachers the flexibility to fit this in regardless of what kind of school they're in.

Our approach finds inspiration from years of being students, teachers, and facilitators in environments inspired by education minds and hearts like Montessori, Piaget, Steiner, Dewey, Freire ( Popular Ed), and Krishnamurti.

Our approach is also deeply inspired by a desire to find ways to integrate these important pedagogies and approaches with our existing school systems globally -- not simply as silos or separate types of schools, but also as a way of learning in any learning environment.

After all, reimagining education isn't a new thought. We need to reweave a whole bunch of magic together in new ways based on our ever-evolving needs.

The stories we create that pair with our videos have sections of green text in them. Those are questions we ask the audience. Youth often explore those questions in class with their teacher, and each green section has some kind of math, reading, writing, or communication prompt. 

Those prompts also often require a level of deeper thinking around the person's situation to figure out what that person might be feeling or thinking, and the prompts also vary in academic focus from section to section. You might see a math problem followed by a discussion prompt in the same page, for example.

This lends itself well to cross disciplinary exploration of our world. After all, when we live our lives there is no block of time where we are only thinking about math or about verbal communication in a silo.

Not every teacher and school has the opportunity to be teaching in this way, though. We have a rigid structure in most schools around the world, and so we're striving to adapt to make sure we can meet these needs. We don't want game-changing storytelling and heart-and-mind opening to be limited to a select few schools.

As we grow, you'll see more and more in our stories that we're incorporating more clarity for a teacher around how various aspects of the stories can be used for their specific subject. 

We're also going to be designing more lesson plans that are subject specific, so that the same story has a math lesson plan, a literacy lesson plan, an empathy-focused lesson plan, and so forth. 

Over time, we'll be extending this beyond the classroom: we'll have stories that tie to workplace lesson plans and dinner-table lesson plans as well.

At we share more about how all of this works, too! And here you can hear Sue, an amazing teacher and district leader in our community, share more on how this can be a resource to make a class like math more human and more cross-disciplinary!

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