What is global literacy? Cultural literacy?

Here's our perspective.

When we think about literacy, we are thinking of not just "learning to read", but "reading to learn". And we apply this same notion to global and cultural understanding.

We think of it as fluency. A never-ending quest for understanding. For working towards deeper understanding day by day -- and to celebrate our differences and uniqueness, and also celebrate what makes us similar. In short, we think of global and cultural literacy as the journey to become literate and even fluent in celebrating what it means to be human. Ubuntu!

A step beyond competence or tolerance. Moving more towards real deep literacy and fluency, with a desire and ability to celebrate cultures and perspectives different and similar to our own. Thinking critically and deeply about everything in us and around us. Thinking about what's inside, not just what's on the surface -- of people, things, products, services, cultures, messaging, etc.

We think of global and cultural literacy as a journey, not an end.

Not just learning about the world as a finite process, but continually seeking new understanding in a way that enables us to effectively connect with one another in a rapidly-adapting world.

To develop the ability to think critically about our interconnectedness, our interdependence, our complex local and global systems, and our future as a species on this planet (and maybe beyond).

The problem solving featured throughout our learning journeys support this kind of learning in a natural way, while learning about new cultures and perspectives and worlds frequently. It's a core need for those who want to lead social and environmental change in our world, and like literacy, it's not a checkbox we either have or don't. It's a lifelong learning journey to become globally and culturally literate and fluent.

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