Does this curriculum focus on skills like creativity, collaboration, curiosity, and growth mindset?


All of these practices, values, and mindsets matter SO much.

The Better World Ed Learning Journeys (stories, videos, and lesson plans) are designed in a way to bring about the practice of all the things that make humans beautiful and amazing.

The toolkit is designed around the lives, experiences, and perspectives of unique humans around the world. So every value, character trait, competency, and practice finds its way seamlessly into the curriculum just like these values and character traits find their way into the people we meet in our lives. Through going on this global journey as students, we are able to learn about each value/trait in action in someone's life, and then we can reflect and evaluate how that connects with our lives and other students' lives.

In the top left of your screen in the "learn" dropdown, you can see how we tag those values and mindsets to make lesson plans easier to locate not just by academic topic, but by SEL/character focuses as well.

Hear Dr. Tony Wagner share his perspective on all of the above!


We also care about many other skills and practices, like empathy and global / cultural literacy. See our related articles here to read more on that!

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