What is the big picture goal of Better World Ed?

Learn more at betterworlded.org/what, betterworlded.org/impact, or https://betterworlded.org/blog and check out the below for a quick summary of why we're here. 

And here is a blog post about our overall mission to reweave community.

In essence, we believe deeply in you(th) and the potential we all have as humans to make transformative change in our world. The youth in all of us, and the youth (in age) are our greatest hope for a better world.


The Short Version:

Too many of us (humans) 

grow up without support to practice understanding

diverse people, cultures, mindsets, perspectives, and ways of life.


Lots of brainstorming. Not enough “heartstorming”.


When we don’t use our empathy and critical thinking muscles,

our ability to see one another as unique amazing humans starts to wither away.


That leads to knots in our chests, bullying, inequity, injustice, 

prejudice, intolerance, family fights, and violence.

Bias. Judgment. Separation. Hate.


That’s why Better World Ed exists for all of us:

To move from our heads to our hearts.

To learn to love self, others, and our world — together.

To learn to live the spirit of ubuntu: “I am because WE are”


Let’s engage students with global stories and conversations 

that open our hearts and minds early in life, every day, and everywhere.


You(th) can and will help all of us come back together.

Across every line of difference and every border.

With social, emotional, and academic brilliance.


Let’s untangle the knots that exist and

reweave the fabric of our global community.


Let’s Be WE.

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