How Can I Get Involved? (Supporting This Mission)

We are so grateful to hear this question so frequently, and that you are thinking about this too.

Here are a few ways we can start our conversation:

  • Sponsor a classroom or school!
  • Donate to support this work! (You can even donate stocks directly from this link!)
  • Sign up to use these resources with your students, your children, or others you care for!
  • Directly support the creation of new stories and curriculum resources in a specific region of our world or about a topic that you believe youth must learn about!
  • Raise awareness. Get a conversation started in your home, community, workplace, and/or local schools about this mission. See examples of what we've written thus far (blog) and some examples of how we've been featured in the media. Maybe there's a human or humans in your community that would love to support the growth of this movement with their time, funding, networks, and positive energy! You could even share this fun 20 second intro.
  • If you are a company or organization that would like to explore partnership -- whether to use the curriculum with your audience in sessions, partner on professional development, have us be your curriculum partner or core curriculum provider, or something else entirely -- please reach out and share more about what you are imagining. 
  • Join our team!

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