What kinds of schools is this for?

Short Version:

Every kind of school.

And not just schools -- our content is great for home learning, too! 

Especially if you're eager to bring real life into your math and literacy learning.

People have asked us before, "why not focus on the schools (and people) that need this kind of curriculum most?"

That's hard for us to answer, as we believe every single one of us needs this kind of learning the most. Including our own team. We use our curriculum all the time, too. (Here's a video that shares more about why.)

Plus, it's a great way to bring real life into the learning of math, literacy, and more. We design resources in a way that directly weave into math and literacy learning, so that instead of "taking away from academic time" we can enhance math and literacy learning.


Want to dive even deeper? Let's reflect on this with an open heart and mind:

Look at our world today. Across every geographic location and socioeconomic status, we have humans making all kinds of decisions that have positive and negative impacts on self, others, and our world. 

Humans sharing thoughts, words, and actions that have implicit and explicit bias in them, and humans making judgments and taking action based on the color of another person's skin. Based on another person's religion. Based on another person's gender identity. Based on another person's socioeconomic status.

Humans who went to all kinds of schools -- and often some of the "most elite schools" -- perpetuate (implicitly and/or explicitly) dangerous bias, judgment, discrimination, and everything that comes from these dangerous things.


As a collective, we have a lot of work to do together.

So to us, there's not one type of school that's  worse or better // more in need or less in need of learning that's global, immersive, integrated, meaningful, inclusive, and deeply focused on equity and social change at a personal, interpersonal, and global level.

When Better World Ed learning is happening in every classroom (across  every kind of school and learning environment that exists in our world) we believe we will begin to move beyond the bias / perspective / prejudice / judgment / assumption that some students "need" social, emotional, and global learning more than others. 

We will begin to move towards truly seeing that many students -- often those students that people suggest to us "need this the most" -- are already having deeply complex conversations from birth because of the unjust and inequitable system we live in ( powerful video to share more on this).


We can then move closer to a mindset of "let's all become more socially, emotionally, and globally aware -- together".

Let's create the necessary, long overdue changes in our hearts and minds to untangle the challenges we perpetuate today, and weave together a more beautiful, just, equitable future.

After all, we are all uniquely and beautifully gifted and talented humans. We all have limitless potential together. WE can make magic happen in our world together. And that's true across every type of school and every student.

WE ALL need to love learning about self, others, and our world. And we need this learning to happen as a united front -- not as an  us and them. That's what we mean by "Be WE". 

This isn't about who's doing good already and who's not doing enough or who needs to learn better. We can all be better together.

Want to read more on this? Head to our blog! The first few posts in there (bottom of page) have more on our backstory, and why we do what we do in the way that we do it! :)

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