How can I get my whole school / district signed up?

If you're a teacher or parent thinking about how to get your school on board, you're in the right place! 

You can send your school or district to share more about our overall work, or share this quick introduction document that can give a synopsis of our mission before going to the website. Up to you!

Please never hesitate to reach out to our team if you are looking for ways to strategize in getting more teachers at your school or district involved. The more educators and students engaging, the more impact we can make in our world together.

Here is a blog post with more ideas on getting funding, too.

Note: If you are a company or organization that would like to explore partnership -- whether to use the curriculum with your audience in sessions, partner on professional development, have us be your curriculum partner or core curriculum provider, or something else entirely -- please reach out and share more about what you are imagining.

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