How can I use this for virtual and home learning? (And how can students join a lesson virtually?)

Let's explore two scenarios for school memberships:

During Class Time / Group Time

Using a video-conferencing tool (like Zoom, Google Meet, or Skype) with your students or your school's LMS, share your screen with your group. 

Log in to your account before class, and you can engage with the videos, stories, and lessons with your students through your screen sharing feature.

  • Be sure to be careful and informed if using a tool like Zoom (read more), and be sure to follow your school / district policies.

The lesson plans often include activities or breakout discussions that involve small groups. These sessions are great in person, though also can work very well virtually. 

  • Check out this doc by Zoom to get ideas on how you might approach tweaking your lessons to fit your virtual learning environment goals.


Home Learning / Beyond Class Time

If you want your group to be able to access Better World Ed content at home / outside of your class time, each individual will need an account

  • Please be sure to understand your school / district's rules on student accounts and family permissions for accounts before proceeding with student plans. 
  • One route you can consider is having parents sign up for plans for students so that there is access for students both in the school setting and in the home setting.

Don't hesitate to reach out to us with more information about your specific situation, and we can work together to figure out a workable and affordable solution to ensure you and your group can access the curriculum. 

See this blog post for ideas on funding your individual or group plan.

Please refer to our terms and conditions and our privacy policy for more.

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