What Learning Journey Stories are in each plan?

All Access: The Dream "Social Change Subscription"

Everything we've got! Stories from more than a dozen countries and parts of our world, each following the Learning Journey format of one main video paired with 2-4 written narratives and 2-4 lesson plans.


All of which link to tons of key academic concepts (especially math and literacy) that you're focusing on in school. Our math alignment to date includes coverage for all of Grades 1-6 math. If academic alignment with SEL is a big goal and focus for you, then this is the plan for you. You'll have the maximum diversity possible with this range of stories, and the best support from our team if and when you need it.

Each lesson plan has ideas for how you might lead class or aspects of your class, and each is adaptive and adaptable if you have another (or several other) ways you'd like to discuss the Learning Journey you've chosen that day. 

The best part: Everything we ever create will be added to your plan as we grow and any new features we add will also become available to you in this plan first. 

We're a bit biased, though to us this feels like the most ideal plan to get -- especially if you're a school or district eager to integrate SEL into academics, to make SEL a priority in a deeper way, and/or care deeply about global learning. That's why we've priced this plan in a way that it becomes the cheapest option when purchasing in volume.

And remember: Every single dollar you contribute for your plan will be used by Better World Ed -- a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization -- to further this mission, to keep creating new Learning Journeys (for and with you!), and to keep learning from and supporting educators around the globe.



The Standard plan has an assortment of 50 written stories and lesson plans from our entire library, linking to a selection of the videos (each video links to 2-4 stories and lesson plans). The stories have been carefully "hand picked" by our team to ensure that they're a good sampling of our overall diversity of stories. In this kit, you'll still be able to align to many core academic topics -- you just might not see the total coverage that you will from the All Access membership.



The Starter plan has an assortment of 20 stories and lesson plans from our library, linking to a selection of the videos (each video links to 2-4 stories and lesson plans). 

Similar to the Standard plan, we've selected each story and lesson in this plan carefully to show the diversity of our overall library. Though as it is impossible to cover the human experience and all key topics even with hundreds of stories, this kit of Starter stories is really exactly what the title suggests: a start. A sampling.

This plan may be a great fit for you if you're thinking about trying out a few stories to see how students respond, before considering upgrading to one of the larger plans.

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