Changing my plan type (Upgrading your plan)

Quick Steps to Upgrade

  1. Log in to your account at
  2. Go to My Account
  3. Click the "Overview" button
  4. You should now see an option to upgrade or change your plan type. Click this, and you will be able to update your plan type to whichever plan you would like to upgrade to -- with however many additional users you would like (if you would like to add users, too). Please see the below section to learn more about how upgrades work.

How Upgrading Works

The cost of your current plan and the cost of the new plan can both be found on the pricing page. 

The plan costs on the pricing page depend on how many users you select. You can choose the number of desired users on the pricing page (pictured below):


Toggle the user count to see the cost for your desired new plan based on the number of users you want to subscribe. The cost per user goes down as the number of users goes up.

You will be charged the difference between your current plan and the new plan you choose. 

For example, if you paid $60 for access to X plan for 1 user and you now want to upgrade to Y plan that shows a charge of $110 for 1 user, you will be charged $50 when you upgrade, and then $110 for future renewals. Your renewal date is based on your initial subscription date, not your upgrade date.

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