Why can't I see some of the videos, stories, and lesson plans?

Existing Starter & Standard Members: The videos, stories, and lesson plans included in your plan can be found in your Members Hub. You'll see the link to this hub right when you log in.

If you find stories through another search method beyond your Members Hub page, you may stumble across content that is in a larger plan. You can upgrade your plan anytime by following these quick steps.

1) Let's make sure you have an All Access membership.

Have you signed up at https://betterworlded.org/join for the All Access membership? 


2) Let's make sure you are logged in.

If you're not logged in, login here: https://betterworlded.org/login

You can learn more about which stories are in each plan here.


If you are logged in on an All Access membership and are still not able to see some of the videos, stories, and lessons, it is possible that our site is experiencing a glitch. 

Please create a support request and share details of your experience (preferably with screenshots of what you see, as we can more quickly figure it out then). We will figure this out together!

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