Does "user" refer to educators or students? Who counts as a user? Do students need accounts?

On the page, there is an option to select how many users you want to sign up for a membership. As you increase the number of users, the cost per user per year decreases.

Each "user" represents each individual person who will be logging into an account and accessing the content. This can be a teacher, a parent, a student, or an administrator. 

You can determine how many user accounts you will need based on your specific needs:

Each person will need a separate account if each person wants to be able to access the content outside of class time. If you are planning to use the content with students during class time, then you may only need a user account for the educator(s).

Read more here about classroom / virtual / remote / at-home use of the content (during and outside of class time).


Note: this content works for both classroom environments and homeschooling environments. Even for Professional Development (PD).


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