How much does Membership cost?

We have a standard cost for each type of plan (at And the more plans you subscribe for (for your school or district), the lower the prices go.

We have also just recently lowered all prices by a LOT to make this more affordable in these challenging times. We know budgets are tight (including ours, eek). 


Any amount you give as a donation over the standard fee is a tax-deductible contribution to Reweave ("Better World Ed"), a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation (EIN 46-1877873).

We deeply value donations to help balance out the cost of creating these resources, supporting our platform fees, getting into classrooms to film and observe to better our content, and to support educators in our network. Every single dollar you invest goes into the work we do to help us sustain and grow. 

The more you're able to contribute, the more we can make happen together and the faster we can create the next levels of this curriculum's breadth and depth. You're not investing in a static platform. Always learning, always growing. If you'd like to read more about our pricing journey and why we charge at all, read this!

And remember: the price per plan drops a whole lot when you add more people onto your account. Try it out with the All Access plans. Those discounts are the steepest. Like, really steep.

You can also try a Learning Journey at no cost if you'd like to further convince yourself this is a magical idea!

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