Placing Online Orders and Purchase Orders (Billing and Payment)

Each of the plans on our memberships page will show a price per user, per month. That price is billed annually, and is valid from the date that you sign up for one full year.

We securely process online credit card payment (for transactions under $3,000.00) and you will receive a receipt of payment. For larger plans, we accept ACH, wire transfer, checks, and also still the online credit card payment option. The plan will activate immediately for online payments made through our memberships page. For all other forms of payment, the plan will initiate as soon as we process the payment.

All plans are for 1 year from the date of purchase/payment, and we can also process multi-year plans if that is preferred. 

If you are paying online on our memberships page:

Your plan will be set to auto-renew in one year, which you can cancel at any time before the date of renewal in your account dashboard. You will see a toggle option there to cancel/activate auto-renew, as well as ways to upgrade your plan if you'd like.

If you are paying by purchase order (or any means that isn't directly online with a card on this site):

Your plan will commence when payment is processed. Your plan will not auto-renew, and you will need to submit new payment before the renewal date in order to have access beyond the first year. We're happy to help in this process in any way possible. Contact us anytime. If you're making a new purchase order, please send as much detail as possible to ensure we can be most helpful.

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