How are the wordless curriculum videos designed?

To Ignite Curiosity And Compassion In A Captivating Way! To help you kick off class by moving from head to heart.

When we walk down the street or walk into class, there is no voiceover telling us who other people are, what they're thinking, or what they're feeling. To learn, we have to wonder. We have to engage.

Yet too often we make a judgment — about other people, cultures, and ways of life — instead of remaining curious about our feelings and about the other person. This judgment and prejudice starts by age 3, before most of us can even read.

Wordless videos that are globally diverse -- and filmed from a place of curiosity -- can help us to introspect and act on our curiosity from an early age. To understand other people, perspectives, and ways of life every day. To move from head to heart in a mindful way, which is a great way to start any learning journey.

We don't think of it as story "telling", as much as stories to learn and understand, and then share alongside those we share stories of. A collaborative thing. Listening and learning together. Story sharing.

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