How does Better World Ed content work?

We create Learning Journeys.

Learning Journeys are dynamic and research-backed. Videos that encourage curiosity and empathy for self, others, and Earth. Written stories that make math and literacy real-world and relevant. Lesson plans that make learning captivating and inter-disciplinary. 

Social Emotional Learning with awe-inspiring depth. Social Emotional Learning that you(th) love.

Learning Journeys weave together important skills: math, empathy, social awareness, curiosity, communication, collaboration, creativity, self-awareness, mindfulness, perspective taking, recognizing bias, kindness, compassion, and literacy. All in a real-world, standards-aligned way.

Our Storytelling Style: Wordless

We believe captivating content is for every classroom. That’s why we work with amazing storytellers and educators to design each Learning Journey. It’s also why our videos don’t have words: no prescribed narrative, no language barrier! Social Emotional Learning that’s inclusive and that helps you(th) understand our complex world and one another.

How We Create Learning Journeys

We believe in creating alongside educators and students. Humans, not simply “users”.

Curriculum design can’t be a one way street, from designers to educators. This has to be a constant conversation. From the start, we have seen educators and students as true partners — and often the best of friends. Research (like what’s compiled in the doc to your left) means so much more to us than simply reading reports and studies.

Plus, we know where this content and platform can go. Learning together is the key to making it happen. And that’s what makes joining this movement such an exciting thing. You’re not joining for only the resources that exist today, but for what we can create together as we grow. Think of us as your Global SEL research and development team, while you make magic happen in the classroom.

Curious to learn more? Read this, reach out anytime, or browse around some other related docs here. We could write about this for days, though we want to be mindful about not creating 80,000 word posts :)

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