Can I use these resources just for SEL, without academics?

Short Answer: Yes! You(th) can absolutely use Better World Ed for SEL as a primary focus.

Global SEL is our core focus as a curriculum team, and the academic components that you see in any lesson plan are optional (though great!). The SEL aspect of our work is the core and foundation that we hope will be a focus in any lesson, any day, anywhere in the world that you(th) are using this curriculum as a tool.

Here are a few quick docs that may be of help if you'd like to learn more about how the lesson plans and stories work:

How do the stories and lesson plans work? Is there research behind this approach?
How does Better World Ed content work?

The magic of the stories is that all of the lesson plans we have designed, paired with any of the videos you'll see, are found to be helpful for teaching SEL competencies and skills. 

If you're a member wondering where you might start, head on over to your Members Hub. There you'll find some lesson plans that will work well for ANY of the stories. And the various lessons paired with each specific story will also have different activities and ideas to build awareness of self, others, and world.

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