What's the age range for this content? "You(th)"

Short Answer: You(th). Ages 2 & Up. 

We design our resources for the learner and the student in all of us. 

That's why we say "you(th)". The youth in you. You and youth.

All of us deserve inclusive, integrated, humanizing content. 

Early childhood, K-12, and all of us adults, too.

Our content is for audiences of all ages (including adults), especially if you use the content to focus on your empathy building and global awareness goals.

For Early Childhood Learning (Age 2 & Up): Like a great animated film, the content we create is intentionally designed for all of us -- and our fully wordless videos make it even more adaptive for younger ages. As soon as you're ready to engage a young person with a screen, our videos are ready for you. Learn more here. Why early childhood? Learn more here.

For Professional Development: Our stories are also a great Professional Development resource for educators and parents! We've heard many adults share with us that they feel they are learning so much about themselves and others through engaging with these resources.

For Math: If you also want to teach specific math concepts using these resources, we have aligned the math to Grades 1-6 so far. That said, many educators and parents find that it's easy to adapt the concepts from current stories to fit their needs for any age.

See our Standards Alignment report to learn more about academic alignment opportunities.

Breaking it down a bit more:

Our content is intentionally designed for all ages.

We've seen teachers and students engaging with this content all the way down to age 2, and all the way up to adult learning. We've even seen organizations and companies use the content for leadership retreats and trainings. 

We're creating and evolving "Units" (examples: Humanity & Belonging, Teaching and COVID-19) to further enable this kind of implementation by teachers and organizations.

Better World Ed content can also be used for all kinds of literacy and social studies goals -- you'll see the ones we've tagged for so far in the search bar and various drop-downs on the stories page.


Our math alignment within this library of content is tailored to Grades 1-6 at the moment.

So if you want to teach fractions or decimals or ratios aligned to your grade level, the lessons and stories we've designed to help you do so are tailored towards a Grades 1-6 audience. It's a pretty quick fix for most teachers we work with to adapt a question here and there to fit it to their grade level for math and literacy, though. For them, they're more excited about having the stories as a base to work from.

There's so much more ahead:

We're growing our resource bank all the way from ages 2-18 for math, literacy, and other core subjects, too.

This will mean we will all have access to stories that have adapted math or literacy goals based on a teacher's needs, and it will also mean many more stories from all over the world to diversify the places and topics that can be a focus while learning any academic topic.

Math, Literacy, Science, you name it. All in any region of the world, focused on many important topics (with units for various topics like this one we are working on: Teaching Unit), with tons of different ways to meet the same or different people from the stories over the years.

For every student and every learner, everywhere. Our age range is based on mindset (learning), rather than on actual age.

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