Will this work well for early childhood / Pre-K learning? (Ages 2-5)

Yes :)

The Global SEL approach to learning is essential for younger humans, and our wordless videos create a powerful and unique opportunity for meaningful early childhood learning. We believe starting at age 2 is essential, and if you are comfortable with screen time before then, starting even earlier is even better.

The main reason? 

We haven't yet had a flood of conditioning when we're little (in age) humans. As we grow older, we get conditioned more and more by the people and media around us. Why not start young when focusing on learning to be and to stay caring, compassionate, curious, empathetic, understanding humans who are curious about self, others, and world?

From a practical usability standpoint:

The lesson plans and stories we create are written at a level where it may be smarter to read the story to younger learners, rather than have learners read on one's own or in groups. Though it really depends on you, your learning environment, and what you're aiming to achieve. If you want to focus on new vocabulary and also on having students practice reading, go for it! 

Here is an example of a lesson plan designed specifically for Ages 2 & Up! And parents and early childhood educators often use many of the other lesson plans for early childhood as well, as the lesson plans are carefully designed in a highly adaptive way.

The videos are for all ages, very intentionally. If you're open to showing your learners media from a very young age, this is the media to be showing! Better World Ed Learning Journeys are for every learner.

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