Why math? And how?

We have to humanize math education. The reasons are multi-fold, though here are a few ones that matter a lot to us. 

Practicing empathy, compassion, understanding, and curiosity can’t be a classroom’s “extra credit”.

It can't be a student's weekend project. 

We must weave it right into the heart of every class. 

Especially math class.


“How would you ever teach compassion and empathy in math class!?”

Video example of how: here.


Introducing Learning Journey stories directly into math class, we have seen students more excited about learning about the world. And about learning math! All in a culturally inclusive, human way.

Math is a universal language. It can help us all practice empathy, ecosystem understanding, curiosity, compassion, and collaboration. Anywhere in the world.

Imagine every child, educator, and parent using the Learning Journey approach as their favorite way to learn math. To learn about self, others, and our world and to discover the math that is all around us and within us -- every step of the journey.

Close your eyes and imagine what that world will look like. A world where empathy, curiosity, compassion, and math learning blend together as one. When we crack that together, we can do anything.

Let’s make the traditional word problem more engaging. More relevant. More real world. With Better World Ed math, we find that kids learn to LOVE math — while also learning to love our world, one another, and self in a more deep and meaningful way.


We also share more on why math in our blog in various posts! 

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